Situated on the flood plains of the Delimbiyr and built against the side of a low hill, Daggerford is a small, walled community dominated by the small castle of the local duke. The city is sparsely inhabited but strategically located where the High Road crosses the Delimbiyr River on the south side of the ford.

This self-styled city is a town of about 500 folk. The town is the largest stop on the High Road between Waterdeep and Baldurís Gate. Itís home to human craftsmen, a few halflings, and a handful of folk of other races. There are about 20 farming hamlets within a dayís walk of Daggerford (15-20 miles), each of which is home to around five families.

Each hamlet has a fortified building where the residents retreat in case of raids. There are also isolated farms and a few estates of minor nobility. In all, about 1,200 people depend on the Daggerford market for goods they canít make themselves.

Daggerford has three major geographical divisions. The first area is the town itself, which fills the western half of the walls. The second region is somewhat higher than the town and is known as the Commons, which is nothing more than a large pasture. The third area, located at the center of the Commons, is the castle of the Duke of Daggerford. Much of the castle has been recently rebuilt by a family of dwarves, making it somewhat more majestic and splendid than might be expected of a town the size of Daggerford.


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